Consultoria Juridica Ecuamundo Asociados it is a legal team that is formed by professionals en Law who are specialized in different branches of jurisprudence. We are oriented to provide consulting, advice, and legal representation in different aspects of Law. Although, we emphasize is on Civil Law, we are can serve on Common case as well. We are located in Ecuador and in the United States, thus for example, we have in our team lawyers specialized in Civil and Common Laws. We are here to serve you, do not doubt to contacts us regarding any case. 

Mgster. Carlos Ortiz Rea



Ecuadorian Lawyer in USA, can help you in mattes such as:  Immigration issues, Divorce-Power of Attorney, Visas - Family Member Petitions- Trading, Import/Export, Sales, and general legal advice pertaining Ecuadorian jurisprudence.


Gary Kaufman, J.D., LL.M is a United States Tax Attorney  with 25 years' executive experience in international and domestic strategic tax planning. His expertise is reducing the worldwide effective tax rate of small and médium-sized multinational companies and individuals and also entertainment tax planning.


A focus of his notable expertise includes minimizing the global tax cost of doing business domestically and overseas for both overseas companies and individuals transacting in the United States and U.S. companies and individuals doing business abroad . Gary is well known in the international tax community and is the founder of a global tax practice.

Is your marriage not working? Is your realtionship going down?


Do you feel like your marriage has reached to an end?


Do you want to file a divorce?




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Frequently asked questions about uncontested divorce



  1. Q. If I married in another country, can I file divorce in NY?


  1. Yes, it does not matter where you married, as long as you are a resident of NY State, you can file in NY.


  1. Q. How long does it take?


  1. Normally 60 to 90 days.


  1. Q. Does my spouse have to sign?


  1. No, however he or she must be served by a third party.


  1. Q. If I do not have a social security number, can I file for divorce?


  1. Yes, you can.


  1. Q. How much does it cost?


  1. $349.00


  1. Q. How much does court cost?


  1. The court fee is $335.00


  1. Will I need to go to court?


  1. No


  1. Q. What if I can’t find my spouse? 


  1. We have a database to search. It is recommended that you talk to us in person.


  1. Q. What are the “grounds” for divorce?


  1. The most commonly used grounds are “Abandonment” and “Irretrievable Breakdown”


  1. Q. How long do I need to be married before I can file for divorce?


  1. 6 months





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