One of the most beautiful cites in the world is located in the south of Ecuador.  The name of the city is Cuenca. There is a trend that has been increasing during the last 10 years in which people from all over the world, but especially from Europe and the United States, are choosing Cuenca as the place for retirement.  They are many advantages to retire there, among them are the following:

The weather: Generally speaking the temperature year round is approximately 60 to 70 grades Fahrenheit. The city is surrounded by valleys with a tropical climate, in a short distance from Cuenca, valleys such as: Paute, Gualaceo, and Santa Isabel among others.

The food: The gastronomy is varied and rich in options, from local and exotic dishes from the Ecuadorian menu, to the big variety of international dishes that makes this city a marnet for people who love nature, peace, tranquility, and of course, the taste of good food.

The people: If you visit Ecuador and Cuenca, you would be impressed about the freindly and effusive people that are ready to help you to make your staying enjoyable, pleasant and unforgettable. You can walk in Cuenca and enjoy admiring the architecture of its buldings and churches and the hopistality of its inhabitants.

The art: It is not by coincidence that Cuenca is called "The Athens of Ecuador", beisdes the arquithecture of its buildings and churches, there is a lot of culture to explore and to ejoy it, from poetry to painting, from its museums and the music, etc.

So if you consider traveling to Ecuador and exploring a potential place to retire, you MUST travel to Cuenca Ecuador.

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